What is an oxygen generator?

An oxygen generator is a type of machine that produces oxygen, and its principle is to use air separation technology. Firstly, the air is compressed at a high density, and then the different condensation points of each component in the air are utilized for gas-liquid separation at a certain temperature. Then, distillation is carried out to separate it into oxygen and nitrogen. In general, it is commonly referred to as an oxygen generator due to its use in producing oxygen. Due to the wide use of oxygen and nitrogen, oxygen generators are also widely used in the national economy. Especially in industries such as metallurgy, chemical engineering, petroleum, and national defense, it is most commonly used.

The earliest countries in the world to produce oxygen concentrators were Germany and France. The German company Linde manufactured the world's 10th meter 3/second oxygen generator in 1903, followed by the French air liquefaction company, which also began producing oxygen generators in 1910. The oxygen generator has a history of 100 years since 1903.

By using the adsorption performance of molecular sieves and physical principles, a large displacement oil-free compressor is used as the power to separate nitrogen and oxygen in the air, ultimately obtaining high concentration oxygen. This type of oxygen generator produces oxygen quickly and has a high oxygen concentration, making it suitable for oxygen therapy and health care for various populations. Low power consumption, the cost of one hour is only 1.8 cents, and the usage price is low.

Operation method

1. Install the main unit in a rotating floor mounted or wall mounted manner and hang it outdoors, and install a gas extraction filter;

2. Nail the oxygen supply plug plate on the wall or support as needed, and then hang the oxygen supply;

3. Connect the oxygen supply pipe to the oxygen outlet port of the oxygen supply device, and connect the 12V power cord of the oxygen supply device to the 12V power cord of the host. If multiple oxygen donors are connected in series, simply add a tee joint and fix the pipeline with a wire buckle;

4. Insert the 220V power cord of the host into the wall socket, and the red light of the oxygen supply will light up;

5. Please add purified water to the designated position in the humidification cup. Then install it onto the oxygen outlet of the oxygen supply device;

6. Please sleeve the oxygen delivery tube onto the oxygen outlet of the humidification cup;

7. Press the start button of the oxygen supply, the green indicator light will light up, and the oxygen generator will start working;

8. Adjust the flow rate to the desired position according to the doctor's instructions;

9. Hang the nasal cannula or wear a mask for oxygen inhalation according to the packaging instructions of the oxygen mask or nasal straw.

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